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Business Trip Checklist

Business trips might not be for fun, but they shouldn’t be stressful either.  Use the extras below to make sure you don’t leave anything at home, and print off our PDF Business Travel checklist.

For X days

checkbox_unchecked X (assuming all are days of meetings) business outfits (top + bottom).

checkbox_unchecked X/3 sweaters/jackets to go with above

checkbox_unchecked 1 briefcase/business purse (should be you “under seat” item while traveling)

checkbox_unchecked Business cards

  • Women

checkbox_unchecked 1 pair of heels

checkbox_unchecked Hosiery if appropriate (conservatism of meeting, weather, etc)

checkbox_unchecked Aim for wrinkle-free dresses: one item instead of several and no ironing upon arrival

  • Men

checkbox_unchecked 1 unique tie per client (can wear the same tie for different clients)

checkbox_unchecked 1 pair of dress shoes

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