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How to Pack for an AirBNB Stay

Staying at an AirBNB is great and if you haven’t already signed up, you definitely should.  You get amenities like extra space, multiple bedrooms, and a kitchen, often for less than the price of a hotel. However, these options also mean you might need a few extra things during your trip.  Here are just a […]

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Finding the Perfect Carry-On Suitcase

When it comes to packing, everyone worries about what to bring and having enough space. However, the biggest influence on what we bring is the bag we’ll bring it in. Varying in size, features, and style, we no longer have just one carry on to choose from. With pluses and minuses to each, we figure […]

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Best Multi-Purpose Items

Following Alton Brown’s hatred of unitasker items, we’ve put together a few items that can pull double duty and save space during your next trip or vacation. Clothes Pajamas become workout gear Most of us sleep in old t-shirts and shorts. So why not use these for workout clothes too? Assuming you go to the […]

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Leaving Things Behind

Many times on a trip, we seem to pack things that end up on their last leg. This can mean we brought something that was near the end of it’s life or things just got really beat up along the way. What most don’t realize, is this could be the door to the ultimate packing […]

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Overpacked? Let’s fix it

We’ve all done it.  We pack for a trip to find it either doesn’t fit in the suitcase or just seems like too much.  So when this happens, what to do? Pack Freely To start, don’t bother restricting yourself.  Pull out everything you want to bring so we can get a better sense of the […]

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6 Months, One Carry On Suitcase

Digital nomadism is the big new “it” lifestyle. While not suited for everyone, these constant travelers have some great experience figuring out what it is we really need during a trip.  Here are lessons learned from one such traveler: At the end of February, I left San Francisco for what is now about 6 months […]