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X days of Basics Checklist

This list is the core of any trip.  Regardless of the location or length, make sure you check these items off.  For the full list, view our printable PDF Essential Basics Checklist.  Or, for gender specific items, use our Men’s Travel Checklist and Women’s Travel Checklist.

Basics for X days

checkbox_unchecked ID

checkbox_unchecked Credit Card

checkbox_unchecked Health Insurance Card

checkbox_unchecked Airline/Hotel membership cards (digital versions available for most)

checkbox_unchecked X shirts

checkbox_unchecked X/2 bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts) + belt if needed

checkbox_unchecked X/3 PJs

checkbox_unchecked 1 Sweater/week

checkbox_unchecked X+1 pairs of underwear

checkbox_unchecked 1 pair of walking shoes (sneakers, flats, or flip-flops based on environment)

checkbox_unchecked X+1 pairs of socks

  • Add-ons for women

checkbox_unchecked X/2 bras (women)

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