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Should I Bring a Towel? Airbnbs: What you can expect

Airbnbs are great, and if you haven’t already tried one, feel free to signup through my link ūüėõ However, they present a new challenge when it comes to packing. Hotels have standard fare: towels, mini toiletries, hair dryers, etc. But when staying at someone’s home, what basics might you need to bring on your own […]

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How to Pack for an AirBNB Stay

Staying at an AirBNB is great and if you haven’t already signed up, you definitely should. ¬†You get amenities like extra space, multiple bedrooms, and a kitchen, often for less than the price of a hotel. However, these options also mean you might need a few extra things during your trip. ¬†Here are just a […]

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Travel Groceries Checklist

AirBNB/Rental House Grocery List  Cooking oil (vegetable, olive, etc.)  Salt & Pepper  Seasoning mix (Montreal, fajita, etc.) packet  Protein (chicken, beef, tofu)  Frozen veggie mix bag  Corkscrew