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How to Pack for an AirBNB Stay

Staying at an AirBNB is great and if you haven’t already signed up, you definitely should.  You get amenities like extra space, multiple bedrooms, and a kitchen, often for less than the price of a hotel. However, these options also mean you might need a few extra things during your trip.  Here are just a few.


  • Spices: Sometimes it can be weird using cooking supplies that are already open.  To play it safe, bring your own mini spice kit with you. I recommend something like this pre-made kit, just make sure it won’t open in transit.
  • Good knives: if you’re really picky about quality (and already checking a bag), it might be worth bringing your own knife so you don’t have to risk dull knives.
  • Groceries: very few AirBNBs will have staples already stocked for you.  Be prepared to buy a staple set of groceries for quick and low-cost meals. You can use our quick grocery checklist to make sure you don’t forget the essentials.  Some easy meals include:
    • Pasta with pre-made sauce
    • Quesadilla night (tortillas, cheese, spices, meat)
    • Omelets (the French eat these all day, it’s not just breakfast!!)
    • Variations of stir fry (try this small serving Bibimbap recipe from fellow travelers)


  • Toiletries: good hosts have full bottles ready and waiting for you, but there’s no guarantee. To play it safe, bring your own (travel size) bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. We recommend buying refillable bottles and stocking up with what you already have at home before hitting the road.
  • Towels: Every AirBNB should already have clean towels waiting for you.  If they don’t, make sure you make a note in your review afterwards.  If you find yourself without towels, beach towels are a great cheap and multi-purpose option you can leave behind at the end of the trip.
  • Laundry: One of the best perks of an AirBNB over hotels. Many include in-unit laundry so you can pack lighter for longer trips.  Might be worth bringing detergent packs/packets though, just in case your host doesn’t provide this or if you have strong brand preferences.


  • Router: AirBNBs generally have wifi available (and you can filter for this when searching on Airbnb’s site). If you’re a heavy electronics user, bringing a lightweight travel router is nice to avoid setting up a new network for every device each time you travel.
  • TV stick: Roku (our preference), Amazon, and Google all make streaming “sticks” that are lightweight devices packed with entertainment.  Several cable providers now offer full service via WiFi, so you can connect your stick of choice and stream all the channels you’re used to.  If you’re traveling internationally, Netflix seems to be the only option that works at the moment, but a good excuse to get outside right?
  • Chargers: Most hosts won’t provide the specific chargers you need. Make sure you pack a computer charger (and adapter if you need it).  From there, nearly everything else can be charged via USB cables.

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