Travel Packing Checklists One Bag Short Trip

Short Trip Packing List

Packing always seems hardest when it’s just for a short trip.  Bringing fewer items means less options, and a higher likelihood of getting it wrong or leaving something behind.  To make it a little bit easier, we’ve adapted our Basic Packing Checklist for a quick, 2-3 day trip. Documents  ID  Credit Cards  Health Insurance Card  Airline/Hotel […]

Travel Packing Checklists Minimalism Carry On

X days of Basics Checklist

This list is the core of any trip.  Regardless of the location or length, make sure you check these items off.  For the full list, view our printable PDF Essential Basics Checklist.  Or, for gender specific items, use our Men’s Travel Checklist and Women’s Travel Checklist. Basics for X days  ID  Credit Card  Health Insurance Card […]

Travel Packing Checklists Toiletries

Toiletries Checklist

 Toothbrush  Toothpaste  Floss  Mini mouthwash  Deodorant  Glasses + case  Sunglasses + case  Contacts + case + solution  Razor  Shaving cream  Pain killer (ibuprofen, advil, aspirin, etc)  Medication  Bandaids + basic first aid  Tweezers  Nail clippers + file  Sunscreen  Lip balm  diarrhea treatment of choice  infection treatment of choice  insect repellent  Comb  Hair ties

Travel Packing Checklists Electronics Computer for Business Nomads

Electronics Checklist

 Computer + charger  Phone + USB charging cable  eReader (kindle or tablet) + charger  Digital camera + lenses + charger  Travel router  Fitbit/Up 3