Travel Packing Checklists Millennial Hostel Adventure

Hostel Packing Checklist

Hostels are great, low-cost options for budget and solo travelers alike. The crowd will definitely be on the younger side and the amenities fewer, but the built in community often provides free travel advice, new friends, and even a few amenities (like a kitchen!!) that you’ll rarely get at a hotel. So what are the […]

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Should I Bring a Towel? Airbnbs: What you can expect

Airbnbs are great, and if you haven’t already tried one, feel free to signup through my link ūüėõ However, they present a new challenge when it comes to packing. Hotels have standard fare: towels, mini toiletries, hair dryers, etc. But when staying at someone’s home, what basics might you need to bring on your own […]

Travel Packing Checklists Digital Nomad

A Realistic Digital Nomad Packing List

This is about the 50th Digital Nomad packing list out there, however, I have yet to find one that actually makes sense. ¬†There are lists for photographers and writers. People that live out of a backpack and wear the same pair of pants everyday. Girls that seem to seriously overpack (hairdryers? really?) but still somehow […]

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Travel Packing Checklists One Bag Short Trip

Short Trip Packing List

Packing always seems hardest when it’s just for a short trip. ¬†Bringing fewer items means less options, and a higher likelihood of getting it wrong or leaving something behind. ¬†To make it a little bit easier, we’ve adapted our Basic Packing Checklist¬†for a quick, 2-3 day trip. Documents ¬†ID ¬†Credit Cards ¬†Health Insurance Card ¬†Airline/Hotel […]

Travel Packing Checklists Cruise Ship Family Vacation

7-Day Cruise Checklist

Cruises are great for seeing lots of new places without the hassle of organizing all the travel in between. ¬†However, the combination of warm day activities and heavily air-conditioned dinners challenge even the most efficient packer. ¬†Here are some extras to pack for a 7-day cruise, or you can check out our full PDF checklist […]

Travel Packing Checklists Cooking Groceries on Vacation

Travel Groceries Checklist

AirBNB/Rental House Grocery List  Cooking oil (vegetable, olive, etc.)  Salt & Pepper  Seasoning mix (Montreal, fajita, etc.) packet  Protein (chicken, beef, tofu)  Frozen veggie mix bag  Corkscrew

Travel Packing Checklists Family Beach Vacation

Beach Checklist

Beach trips often provide a bit more breathing room when it comes to packing, but don’t let that get the best of you. Use these extras for your next family holiday, or the full¬†beach holiday checklist before you load up the car. Clothing ¬†2 bathing suits ¬†1 sarong Acessories ¬†Sunglasses + case ¬†Hat ¬†Waterproof bag […]

Travel Packing Checklists Cold Weather Adventure Outdoors

Cold Weather Checklist

For X days:  Cold Weather  Warm, waterproof jacket  Umbrella  Thicker socks  X Longjohns  1 pair of gloves  1 hat  1 scarf  Long sleeve shirts

Travel Packing Checklists Camping Adventure Family

Camping Checklist

 Air mattress  Beach bag  Beach towel  Binoculars  Camping stove/fuel  Can opener  Compass/GPS  Cutlery/dishes  Flashlight  Insect repellent  Lighter  Shortwave radio  Sleeping bag  Sunglasses  Sunscreen  Tent  Trekking poles  Umbrella  Water bottle